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Racing Horse

Our Approach: “Highly Professional, Completely Transparent and Excellent Value for Money”

Jon and Jacqueline Hughes have been owners, in partnerships and syndicates, for twelve years with a wide cross-section of trainers and racing managers.  It has been great fun but also a most interesting learning experience, summarised in “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Partnerships”.  We’ve also organised a number of partnerships and syndicates ourselves for friends and other owners.  The result of this immersion in ownership has led to the creation of Owners for Owners.  We know we can run a highly professional setup at much lower cost than is usually the case.

Maximising Enjoyment

  • Close involvement with co-owners.
  • Full participation in all key decisions.
  • Regular contact with the trainer.
  • Open access to visit the yard.
  • Enjoyment of convivial times together.
  • The horse running in your colours.
  • Administration and VAT reclaim done by Owners for Owners.

Minimising the Costs

  • Agree and stick to a budget.
  • No expensive racing manager’s fees.
  • Monitor all costs and report on them regularly.
  • Full transparency of costs at all times.
  • No hidden margins or kick-backs.
  • Ensure lower daily rates when the horse is out of training.
  • Retire any horse that is under-performing.
  • Maximum OfO administration cost of £250 per owner, per year, covering VAT reclaim, annual accounts, web updates, all registrations and regular communication.

Sharing Risks

  • Be realistic and pragmatic about ownership.
  • Recognise from the start that not all horses are racehorses.
  • Be prepared to cut losses (as painful as it is).
  • Spread the risk with like-minded people.
  • Link up with them to achieve these aims.

By working together, in a friendly and collaborative manner, we can all enjoy the owning and racing experience to the maximum extent.

Timmy Murphy wining the Grand National on Comply Or Die Horse trainingExercising horses on the gallops