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Racing Horse

Our Goal “Bringing Experienced Owners Together – Joining Forces to Buy Better Horses”

Owning a racehorse as a sole owner is too great an expense for many owners.  It can also entail considerable risk if the horse is injured or turns out to be moderate.  The concept of partnerships makes eminent sense:  share the risk, at lower cost.  This is why we have set up Owners for Owners, with a clear aim of “bringing experienced owners together to share the costs, risks and enjoyment of owning Flat and NH horses.”

Our Ideal Owner

  • Already actively involved in racehorse ownership.
  • Has experienced the highs and lows.
  • Is realistic, pragmatic and patient.
  • Does not need a racing manager.
  • Dislikes being one of a crowd in a large syndicate.
  • Prepared to make payment in advance.
  • Pays on time.
  • Expects the same of co-owners.

Benefits of Owners for Owners

  • Lower total cost than many syndicates.
  • Usually a maximum of 6 co-owners.
  • Pooling of resources to compete effectively.
  • Involvement in more horses:  spreading the risk.
  • Much greater control and influence.
  • Frequent contact with the trainer.
  • No limitation on yard visits.
  • Horses race in your colours (by rotation).

Role of Owners for Owners

  • Provides the right framework for ownership.
  • Ensures proper partnership and syndicate agreements in place.
  • Maintains modern, transparent cost controls.
  • Creates, updates and disseminates information via the web site.
  • Keeps everyone properly informed.
  • Brings owners together via networking and advertising.
  • Draws on co-owners’ experiences and recommendations to shape Owners for Owners in a way that best meets everyone’s needs.
  • And we go racing as frequently as possible!

Hopefully, you will be sufficiently interested in the approach of Owners for Owners to contact us as soon as possible and discuss involvement.  Just call Jon Hughes on +44 (0)1451 850780 or +44 (0)7958 763159, or drop him an email at

Timmy Murphy winning on Comply Or Die in the Grand NationalUrsula winning at AyrElaine Burke with Paradise Spectre