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Latest Version of our Partnership Principles

One of the core values of Owners for Owners is a total commitment to transparency and openness on everything to do with owning horses and being members of a racehorse partnership.  Clearly it is very important that everyone understands their responsibilities and obligations to each other and the horse.  Some syndicates ask their owners to sign a rather legalistic and detailed contract.  We have adopted a more modern approach which is to frame a set of partnership principles and then expand them into more detailed statements of the principles in practice.

You can read our Partnership Principles in Practice here.  You’ll see that we have a one-page summary which is then expanded with the necessary detail covering all the relevant headings associated with being in a partnership.  They are basically the same for both Flat and NH partnerships.  They have been written to be easy to understand rather than appearing legalistic, but are binding on each owner.  We have gone out of our way to make sure that everything to do with being an owner is fully transparent and that all of the different situations that may be experienced with a racehorse are properly covered, particularly cost management, owner involvement, exit of owners and the end of the partnership through sale or retirement of the horse.  We’re not aware of any partnership or syndicate that has tried to do this in such an open and comprehensive manner.

Whenever an owner joins one of our partnerships, we send them this document, tailored for the specific horse, and ask every owner to confirm acceptance of them.  We also send an Owners for Owners questionnaire that asks each potential owner to provide the minimum necessary personal information so that we can do the various registrations etc.  This information is never released to any third party except where absolutely necessary, e.g. to the BHA or HMRC.

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